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25.05.17 BB Launched to assist ILB, in locating a female stuck in mud in the Chivinor Area.

Crew N Ayres (Helm) S Watts S McCarthy.


25.05.17 ILB Launched to assist a female stuck in mud with 3 dogs nr Chivinor.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) A Atkinson Glyn Stanbury R Coburn.


24.05.17 BB Launched to 2 jet skis broken down nr to the station. Ski's towed to Churchfields slipway.

Crew A Atkinson (Helm) Glyn Stanbury A Hallett D Atkinson.


24.05.17 ALB Launched to a 31 ft Angling Vessel. with 7 pob, at anchor with engine problems off Welcome Mouth. Vessel towed back to Clovelly.

Crew M Cox (Cox) S Watts (Mech) J Pavitt G Stanbury S McCarthy M Rowe.


29.04.17 ALB Launched to a 33ft Motor yacht broken down with 1 POB off the Mid Ridge Buoy. Vessel towed back to Instow.

Crew M Cox ( Cox) M Williams (Mech) A Atkinson S McCarthy J Tattersall D Atkinson.


27.04.17 BB Launched to a Kayak seen drifting down the River Taw at Newbridge, all units stood down after  searching the area, and the empty kayak washed up near to the Barnstaple lesuire centre,

Crew O Atkinson (Helm) S McCarthy G Stanbury  J Tattersall


24.04.17 ILB Launched to search for missing Kite surfer with the ALB.

Crew A Short (Helm) G Stanbury N Ayres D Elsemore


24.04/17 ALB Launched to search for missing Kite surfer in Bideford Bay, Casualty was found by the ALB, recoverd and checked over after being in the water for 3 hrs, and landed back at station.

Crew M Cox (Cox) O Atkinson (Mech) R Ward J Pavitt D Atkinson SA Clark R Coburn


14.04.17 BB Launched to Recover a Body at Bideford.

Crew M Williams (Helm) A Hallett D Elsemore S Moles


08.04.17 ILB Launched to assist 2 paddleboarders off Baggy Pt, Casualties picked up and returned to Croyde Beach.

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) N Ayres S A Clark Glyn Stanbury


28.03.17 ALB Diverted to assist in the search of the River Taw. (see Below)

Crew A Atkinson (Cox) S Moles (Mech) A Short N Cousins R Ward R Coburn C Chessum


28.03.17 ILB Diverted from Exercise to several reports of a red flare in the River Taw off Fremington Quay.

M Williams (Helm) S McCarthy D Elsmore P Atkinson


14.03.17 ALB Launched to stand by a Local FV, some 3 miles off Hartland Quay, with 3 pob, who had its fishing nets fast on the seabed, and in Danger of capsize. ALB stood by while the boat tried to free itself.

Crew M Cox (Cox) G Stanbury (Mech) S McCarthy S A Clark R Coburn N Ayres


05.03.17 ILB Launched to assist BB, in searching River Taw for a missing person

Crew G Stanbury (Helm) A Atkinson D Elsmore S Moles


05.03.17 BB Launched to search the River Taw for a missing person

Crew A Short (Helm) S McCarthy M Williams


01.03.17 ILB launched to assist in searching for a missing female, along with Ilfracombe Lifeboats.                        

Crew G stanbury,(Helm) M Williams A Atkinson S McCarthy.


12.02.17 ALB Launched to reports of 2 persons cut off on Rocks off Welcome Mouth, Casualties were airlifted off by Helicopter, as lifeboat was off Hartland quay.

Crew J Pavitt (Cox) S Watts (Mech) A short S McCarthy R Ward N Ayres P Atkinson


30.01.17 ALB Launched to a local FV, taking water, and grounded on Lifeboat slip. Vessel towed off slip, and taken to churchfields slipway.

Crew M Cox (Cox) J Pavitt (Mech) Glyn Stanbury N Cousins Jo Tattersall A Short (A Atkinson M Williams, on cas vessel)

Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat 02.01.17 Launched to assist in the search of the River Torridge from Appledore to Bideford Iron Bridge. For a missing 74 yr old male missing since 31.12.16.

Crew N Ayres (Helm) N Cousins R Coburn



Atlantic 75 Lifeboat      02.01.17 Launched to search of the River Torridge from Appledore to Bideford Old bridge. For a missing 74 yr old male

Crew J Pavitt (Helm) A Short  A Hallett A Atkinson



Tamar-class Lifeboat


Appledore RNLI Boarding Boat
Atlantic 75 Lifeboat